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Marsha Terry


Life Transformation Coach and Professional Speaker

Have you ever walked into a room and felt invisible? Maybe you know someone who has. Chatter happening everywhere, but not really connecting with anyone in the room. Or maybe you're talking with your spouse or friends attempting to add input to the conversation, but can't get a word in?

Has your life become so routine that you feel like days are just floating by just living without really participating?

I can relate! For the majority of my life I was just existing. Not participating in my life, just letting life pass on by me. I often felt like my voice wasn't being heard or more importantly that no one wanted to hear what I had to say.

I had been so beaten down with so many people telling me what I couldn't do, I didn't know what was possible. I stopped dreaming. I was just living. Inhale. Exhale.

Master of Transformational Coaching

Be yourself, you don't need anyone's approval.

The conversations that we have about lack of confidence, feeling stuck, guilt or being too busy, all start in our mind. The words that you say, the thoughts you have directly impact how you feel.

Over the last 10 years, I’ve retrained my brain, changed my vocabulary and have learned to love the skin I’m in.

To be upfront and real... you deserve to live in your purpose and be authentically YOU!

Build a NEW Conversation

Let's face it, we all have these voices that come up in our heads, steering us in directions of fear or doubt from time time, right?

I remember taking all of what life threw at me and feeling so stuck and overwhelmed; not really having the strength or courage to own my hopes and dreams. I was consumed with fear, self doubt and shame, never believing I was good enough.

The reality is life throws so much at us that most people don't know how to change or even where to start. Don't you agree?

I'd Love to Connect with YOU!

If you haven't done so already, download the FREE workbook to begin to understand how you can change your conversations. It wasn't until I fully took responsibility of my own thoughts and words was I truly able to dictate how I felt. It was then that I started to live the life that I always knew was designed for me. The only person standing in between who are now and who you can be is YOU! Reclaim your voice and live the life you've imagined. Start today and your future self will be GRATEFUL.

I'll tell you the "Secret"

  • Secret #1

    It starts with CHOICE! You get to choose what you want. Your thoughts, your words and how you feel. Own that!

  • Secret #2

    Once you've made a decision, then COMMIT to it. Commitment is more then just words, it leads to action.

  • Secret #3

    You made the choice and you've committed to your plan. Now is the time to EXECUTE!

I am a LIFE Transformation Specialist!

Changing our thoughts, words and feelings don’t happen accidentally. Being intentional about your decisions invariably moves you closer to your goals.

The key difference between people achieving their goals and truly tapping into their potential literally comes developing strategies that lead to inevitable success.

Sometimes, it takes a complete stranger to see your greatest potential, guiding you into unleashing the lioness within you!

Here's what people have to say about working with me...

"I have gained valuable information"


"5 Stars- My sessions with Marsha were incredible. She has a unique ability to get you to be completely honest with yourself and allowing you to dig deep. I have gained valuable information not just for now, but also for the future. My sessions were more about realizing what you CAN DO. Wellness is not only health, but a full person makeover. Marsha has left me feeling confident knowing I can accomplish anything."

"You are a gift from above!"


"Wow! Just had my very 1st ever session w/ lovely Marsha and hands down one of the MOST amazing experiences ever! Can NOT thank you enough for this beautiful feeling of empowerment and zest for life, you left me with after only 1 hour!! Amazing! You are a gift from above! I've already booked my next session! Thank you for making it feels so effortless and smooth. Was a true JOY opening up to you and receiving your expertise."

"Found my COURAGE!"


“Marsha is open about sharing her personal stories in how she has overcome challenges in her life. Her workshop “Finding Courage in the Chaos” challenged me to dig deep within to address where I have been out of balance and take concrete steps to get back on track. Thanks Marsha!”-

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